British Winters (2017)



The story is about Noel Winters, a lazy procrastinating youth who is no longer young enough to pull that lifestyle off. The film follows this hapless protagonist through the festive season and into the New Year. Noel is disillusioned with himself as much as the outside world but he draws inspiration from his younger adopted sister, Hannah, a ray of sunny optimism in his blinkered outlook on life.


Genre: Dramedy
Runtime: 100 min
Directors: Andrew Turner and Roque Cameselle
Writer: Andrew Turner
Production Company: Tape Community Music & Film

Formol 105 (2015)


Formol 105 is a 2D animated short film produced by Alberto Cameselle and Roque Cameselle, and directed by Martín Rodríguez. This film, set in a stifling 19th century undertaker's, narrates a disturbing story about love and horror.


Genre: Animation, Horror, LGTB
Runtime: 5 min
Director & Writer: Martín Rodríguez
Producer: Alberto Cameselle and Roque Cameselle
Production Company: Deboura Cinema

The Little Wizard (2013)


A 2D animated feature film.

A Norman pirate ship berths at the quay of the small Galician town of Tui, with orders to sack the village. Bieito Dubidoso, barely nine years old but armed with startling magical powers, manages to repel the pirates. The news of this miracle spreads like wildfire all over the region and, from then on, he becomes known as "The Little Wizard". Together with his inseparable friend Destreza, he will embark upon endless adventures and ultimately confront Bishop Juan, the lord and master of the city, who swears he will never forgive Dubidoso for humiliating him in front of his vassals.

Will The Little Wizard keep himself safe in his adventures?

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Genre: Animation, Adventures
Runtime: 80 min
Director & Writer: Roque Cameselle
Producer: Alberto Cameselle
Production Company: Deboura Cinema

Berto's Diary (2008)


Berto’s Diary tells the story of a boy who writes about his life, about the things and people that surround him, and the feelings produced by his interactions.

This pilot TV series is both educational and humorous. It attempts to teach children how to reflect on the main topics relating to the coexistence of people in an optimistic and life-enriching way.

Genre: Animation, Comedy
Runtime: 12 min
Director & Writer: Roque Cameselle
Producer: Alberto Cameselle
Production Company: Deboura Cinema

Roque Cameselle has directed the short films: Memoria Indeseable, La chica del último, Soldado sin Fortuna and Amor Amantis. In January of 2016, he also made the music video for the cult Spanish band Aerolíneas Federales, which was selected for the prestigious XIII Festival de Cans and the Maketon Awards of Los 40 Principales.