Roque Cameselle is a writer and filmmaker from Spain who lives in Wales (UK). He graduated from the University of Segovia (Spain) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Communications, has worked as a professor in MA Screenwriting in EGACI (Spain), and has worked as a film critic for various newspapers and magazines. He is currently projects tutor at the BFI Film Academy (UK), and is also creative director for the production company Deboura Cinema. He writes about the film industry in Dot Magazine.

From a very early age he has written novels, short stories and children's books and he has won more than fifty literary awards.

He has shot several short films that have been shown on national television and in festivals around the world, including the Interceltique Festival of Lorient (France), Cartoon Forum (Germany) and Animabasque (Spain).

His first feature film, entitled El pequeño mago (The Little Wizard), was a 2D animation movie aimed at children and was premiered at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in 2013. It was shown at some of the most prestigious film festivals in Latin-American: 29 FICG (Guadalajara-Mexico), Film Festival of Punta del Este (Uruguay), and Habana Film Festival (Cuba) and in the 24th Horror and Fantasy Film Festival (Spain) and the 10th Seville European Film Festival (Spain). The original sound track to The Little Wizard won the Jerry Goldsmith Award at the FIMCC in 2013.

In 2015 Roque and his brother Alberto Cameselle produced a short film entitled Formol 105. It has been shown at more than forty festivals around the world, including 18 Festival de Cine de Malaga (Spain), Athens AnimFest 2015 (Greek), Mauvais Genre Film Festival (France), Nocturna Fantastic Film Festival (Spain), Azores Fringe Festival (Portugal). It won Best Fantasy Short at the FanCine de Lemos 2015 (Spain) and Best Animation Short Film at the FESTIMATGE 2015 (Spain).

In 2017 Roque Cameselle co-directed the indie feature film British Winters with Andrew Turner. It was produced by TAPE. This dramedy follows the misadventures of Noel Winters, a lazy procrastinating youth, during the Christmas holiday period. It went on general release during the closing ceremony of The Coastline Film Festival (UK).

In his free time he tours with his punk pop band Paracetamol.

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